Saturday, February 18, 2017

Oral Norovirus Vaccine in the Works

A norovirus vaccine is gaining momentum as it just finished its Phase I trial.  This vaccine, produced by Vaxart, is unique in that it is an oral, recombinant vaccine that is given as a tablet.  Vaxart is a local biotech company that is striving to produce oral tablet vaccines for RSV and seasonal flu, in addition to Norwalk virus.

The norovirus vaccine Phase I trial was looking primarily at safety and whether or not the vaccine produced the desired immune response.  This trial contained 66 subjects, with 46 receiving the vaccine and 20 receiving the placebo.  Safety wise, there were no serious adverse events reported and the vaccine appeared to be “well tolerated in all subjects.”  Additionally, the vaccine appeared to do what it set out to accomplish and boosted norovirus antibodies along with “a local intestinal immune response.”  In doing so, the vaccine achieved all of its desired endpoints for the Phase I trial.

- Devon Z.

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