Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another rapid Ebola detection test

Mihmet Yigit, a materials scientist and assistant chemistry professor from the University at Albany, developed a urine test kit that can detect disease biomarkers from Ebola and other deadly diseases. The test uses a gold nanoprobe sensor to detect the presence of the biomarkers and the sample changes from purple to red within minutes. Then the technicians use absorbance spectroscopy to accurately measure the color change.

When testing the accuracy of the product, 24/25 samples were accurately detected. The test even detects each of the 4 subtypes of Ebola. The results are published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Currently, the lab is looking at developing a test for Zika virus. Previous work has included identifying breast cancer biomarkers and methods for mercury detection in the environment and body.

The team is motivated to develop fast-acting detection techniques in order to make real-time diagnosis a reality, which can be particularly useful in global health settings.

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