Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ocular Herpes Transmitted Via VR Headsets?

The PlayStation VR console has had a whirlwind journey in the news recently. Released 2 weeks ago, sales soared and exceeded all other VR consoles, exciting VR fans and Sony stockholders. However, a thread on social media has been suggesting that ocular herpes, caused by a Herpes Simplex virus, is being passed from headset user to headset user at trade shows and demo booths.

Though unconfirmed by authorities, an outbreak would be serious because oral herpes is not necessarily a benign disease. Though oral herpes generally only affects the epithelium of the eye and heals without scarring, a rarer trajectory of the disease can lead to deeper corneal damage and blindness.

Regardless of whether an outbreak is occurring, this report highlights the importance of sterilizing shared equipment before use, especially at conventions where hundreds of users are trying new technologies.

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-- Sharon Kam

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