Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Asthma as a Risk Factor for Viral Respiratory Infection

Today, Baturcam et al.’s article “Human Metapneumovirus Impairs Apoptosis of Nasal Epithelial Cells in Asthma via HSP70” was published online. A major motivation of this study came from the fact that people with asthma are vulnerable to viral respiratory infections, but not much is known about the precise mechanisms for different viruses. So, the research team generated a study to investigate the differences in immune response of adult asthmatics vs non-asthmatics when their nasal epithelial cells were exposed to either human metapneumovirus or respiratory syncytial virus in cell culture.

The results showed that nasal epithelial cells of asthmatics were infected with human metapneumovirus 2.5-fold more than non-asthmatic nasal epithelial cells (p < 0.05). There was no difference for RSV infection. Additionally, asthma-status was linked to impaired apoptosis in nasal epithelial cells infected with human metapneumovirus (p <0 .0001="" a="" an="" apoptosis="" but="" defect="" due="" expression="" host="" however="" hsp70="" human="" in="" inhibitor.="" interaction="" lead="" mechanism="" metapneumovirus="" not="" o:p="" of="" protein="" rather="" specific="" that="" the="" this="" to="" was="" with="">

Future research directions include targeting HSP70 as an antiviral human metapneumovirus, which would, in turn, act as a therapeutic asthma intervention strategy.

~Jazzmin Williams

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