Saturday, October 29, 2016

First Zika Case in Myanmar

MyanmarTV recently reported the first Zika case in the country. The patient is a pregnant woman who has been identified as an international resident currently receiving treatment in Yangon, one of Myanmar's largest cities. Since September, there have been two other Myanmar patients infected with Zika; however, both patients are living abroad in Singapore and Thailand, which are two countries in the Southeast Asia that have been significantly impacted by Zika with ~800 cases.

As preventative measures, Myanmar has attempted to increase education and enforce further anti-mosquito measures. According to Dr. Nyan Win Myint, an representative from the Myanmar Ministry of Health, these public health measures are also predicted to aid with Dengue outbreaks as well. Dr. Myint has also stated that screening measures at airports have become more cautious in order to allow for early detection of patients infected with Zika.

In cooperation with the World Health Organization, the Myanmar Ministry of Health has enforced close monitoring of birth defects in Myanmar's seventeen largest hospitals. As of now, no birth defects in Myanmar have been correlated to Zika. Although no vaccine exists in Zika, it is predicted that a new vaccine may be available within five years; therefore, current measures will heavily rely on changes in behavior by the general public to take extra precautions in preventing mosquito bites.

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~Michelle Bach (Humans and Viruses 2016-2017)

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