Monday, February 6, 2012

Viral Valentines

In researching for the blog post this week, I must have come across 6 different articles highlighting the infectious dangers of Valentine's day. Valentine's day conveniently coincides with the height of cold-flu season, and since that's coming up and conveniently showcases many of the viruses we've been talking about in class, it's worth a mention.

Among the viral diseases mentioned in just one article are mononucleosis, colds, the flu, and cold sores. This particular article delicately steers clear of any sexually transmitted diseases, but it's Valentine's day so those should probably be included in this list as well. The families represented here might include Herpes, Paramyxo, Picorna, Corona, Papilloma, and Retro, and methods of transmission include direct contact, respiratory, and sexual. Basically, Valentine's day is pretty cool for a virology student.

This particular article shares helpful tips such as "keep your chopstick [and other utensils] to yourself" and "Do Give and Get a Flu Shot – 'It’s the gift that keeps on giving – you protect yourself, your loved one and you stop the virus from spreading to others,” said Parada. “If that isn’t sexy, and say ‘I love you’ I don’t know what does.'"

So enjoy Valentine's day everyone!

--Sarah Kaewert

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