Monday, February 6, 2012

Fatal Rabies Case in Italy

A 40-year old man in Mantova, Italy was admitted to the hospital a day ago exhibiting symptoms of rabies including fever, myalgias, and respiratory distress. His rabies infection was confirmed and he died soon after. On September 28, 2011, the man was attacked by an aggressive dog and received pretty severe bite injuries in the arm in the north part of India. Despite receiving immediate post-exposure prophylaxis, his rabies was not cured.

He scored a 17 on the Glasgow Coma Score, which is a diagnostic tool used in rabies diagnosis. It questions eye response, verbal response, and motor response. More information is here:

Approximately 36% of the rabies cases worldwide occur in India, or about 20,000 deaths. Though rabies is known well throughout India, immunoglobulin protecting against the disease is the major constraint in protection as it is in extremely short supply.

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