Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl Measles!

Oh man, this story is horrifying but also hilarious.

Someone who mingled with over 200,000 people at the Super Bowl village in Indianapolis has come down with the measles, aka the most infectious disease ever.

There's a chance that he wasn't infectious at the event, which was held on Friday—measles is infectious around 4 days before it becomes a visible rash, and if he's just come down with measles, the people he interacted with should be safe. But who knows what the speed of the news reporting is. Since there's a 10-day incubation period, if he really did spread it, we should see a ton of new cases popping up soon.

The public health department alerted the CDC, but the officials don't seem too worried. This faith in good vaccine coverage may be misplaced, but we can hope that there weren't a large number of kids who attended the party, because the children born in the last decade or so aren't as well immunized as the rest of the population because of parental worries (coughJennyMcCarthy).

Anyways, I look forward to the imminent measles outbreak that will hopefully spur more parents into getting their kids vaccinated!


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