Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indian is polio-free!!

India is polio-free! WHO waited 2 years after the last case of polio in India before announcing the eradicaition of polio in India. India’s speed and efforts to eradicate polio was very impressive: in 1985, 150,000 cases of polio were reported and even as recent as 2009, 741 cases of cases were reported in India. Hindrances of polio eradication in India included its large population size, lack of universal immunization, high migrant community, poor sanitation, and resistnce to oral polio vaccine in many high-risk populations. The success of the eradication was dependent on collaboration between the government, religious eaders, pulic health officials, and increased immunization. The success of polio eradication in India has monumental implications of global public health efforts in removing polio in the natural environment worldwide.

-Michelle Jin


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