Friday, November 4, 2016

Acute Flaccid Myelitis Continues to Spread... Virus Connection Questioned

On October 16, we wrote here about the concerning number of AFM cases in North Texas. 
The polio-like disease has seemed to spread, with cases popping up in Philadelphia and the Seattle area through September and October. Nine children in Washington state have been tentatively diagnosed with AFM in the past few weeks; one died on October 30. Cases have also been reported in Europe and Canada.

This past Monday, October 31, a CDC confirmed a year-to-date 89 cases in 33 states. This is likely to match or exceed the 120 cases confirmed during the 2014. However, in this year's outbreak, there is less evidence that AFM is linked to enterovirus-D68; there is no accompanying respiratory illness associated with D68. However, D68 has been found in the spinal fluid of some AFM cases.

The mystery of this rare condition continues.

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--Sharon Kam

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