Monday, November 14, 2011

Yellow Fever in Ghana

The Upper West Region of Ghana has recorded 3 cases of Yellow Fever this year 2011. While the three infections are in the same region of Ghana, they are located in separate municipalities. Ghana has not seen any cases of Yellow Fever in the past 6 years, so this is particularly troublesome. The medical director of a major hospital in Jirapa, Ghana, Dr. Richard Wodah, has announced a mass vaccination campaign that will begin by focusing on children above a year old. He also called upon people to sleep under mosquito nets and keep children aware.

Ghana is an area where Yellow Fever is endemic, so sporadic cases arise here and there. The potential of this to go into a larger outbreak should not go unnoticed, especially when taking in travel and tourism into account. The vaccine campaign stated above must begin quickly or the disease will be difficult to keep track of.


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