Tuesday, November 22, 2011

neutralizing antibody against Sudan virus

Researchers have isolated a neutralizing antibody against Sudan virus, a species of ebolavirus and virulent pathogen. This antibody was identified by injecting lab mice with geneticall engineered viruses to make more copies of virus coat within the infected mouse. Researchers then isolated the mice's antibodies by harvesting B cells and culturing them in lab. Researchers then tested each antibody extracted from the mice B cells and found that antibody 16F6, neutralized Sudan virus in the petri dish and delayed mice death.

The antibody-antigen protein binding strategy is similar to another ebolavirus species Ebola-Zaire and has great potential to serve as vaccine and therapy against ebolavirus infections.

An experimental vaccine with protein coats from Ebola and Sudan viruses was given to monkeys and results showed that it induced immunity against the viruses. However, specific mechanisms by which the vaccine work is currently elusive. Because this is the first time that anyone has isolated neutralizinga ntibody against Sudan virus, much has to be done in order to test its effectiveness and safety as vaccine.

I think the way that the research is carried out is very interesting because what if the researchers never find a neutralizing antibody? It seems like a broad shot-gun approach. But it would be very nice to be able to make a vaccine against the Sudan virus.

Michelle Jin

Source: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news-Antibody-Neutralizes-Ebolavirus-112211.aspx?xmlmenuid=51

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