Sunday, February 10, 2008

Undiagnosed disease killing villagers in India

Not necessarily virus-related, but nevertheless interesting...

Residents of Kuilong village under Tamei sub-division of Tamenglong
district are in a dire plight since the outbreak of a highly
infectious disease (something like malarial typhoid) which has
claimed a life since November 2007 last year and has infected
members of nearly every household in the village and its surrounding area.

The disease which started spreading in Kuilong village since November
last year has so far claimed one life while 35 patients are
seriously ill from the disease which remains a mystery to the

Even though doctors at the Catholic Medical Hospital, Koirengei,
believe it to be malarial typhoid from the symptoms, there has been
no confirmation of the same and besides the state authorities are yet
to investigate into the matter.



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