Sunday, January 22, 2017

A new potential genital herpes vaccine

Scientists have been trying to develop a herpes simplex 2 vaccine for nearly 40 years with little success. Now, the search for an effective genital herpes vaccine may be almost over. A study published in PLOS Pathogens on January 19, 2017 reported promising results for a herpes simplex virus 2 trivalent vaccine in animal models. The vaccine uses a novel strategy that induces two antibodies that prevent the virus from evading the immune system and one antibody that blocks cell entry. The vaccine was created by researchers in University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s Institute for Immunology. Data show 4 of 6 monkeys had robust antibody titers and 98% efficacy in guinea pigs. The vaccine developers are looking for pharmaceutical companies who may be interested in further developing the vaccine and testing it in humans. Human trials can begin as soon as 18 months once a pharmaceutical company is found.

This vaccine could have tremendous impact on human health. Nearly 500,000,000 people worldwide are living with herpes simplex 2 virus. In the United States, 1 in 6 people have genital herpes.



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