Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Post-Ebola syndrome?

Survivors of Ebola, once they go home, have to deal with psychological and social problems as they deal with the lost of loved ones to Ebola and the negative stigma associated with once having Ebola. On top of these problems, doctors that are treating Ebola patients are finding that many survivors have "post-Ebola syndrome." There is a need for more information on this, but so far the main symptom includes visual problems. The vision problems seem to affect approximately 50% of Ebola survivors in Kenema, Sierra Leone which is one of the regions where the outbreak first began in Sierra Leone. In this area alone, two people have become blind after their Ebola treatments. In addition to visual problems, Ebola survivors report joint pain, muscle pain, chest pain, headaches, and extreme fatigue. These problems make it extremely difficult for survivors to return to their former lives as many were involved in manual labor. No one knows what causes post-Ebola syndrome. It could be due to the disease, the treatment, or the heavy disinfection of everything during treatment.



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