Thursday, November 6, 2014

Colin Bucks PPE Video

Here's the video of Dr. Colin Bucks donning all the personal protective equipment. Note that he said in the skype interview that the suit cost $50-70 (which is thrown away after each session). This does't take into account all the spray and other disposable equipment used. Aprons and goggles are reused. Another thing he brought up that was interesting was the issue of proper disposal. Dr. Bucks demonstrated a serious concern for whether the equipment would actually be disposed of properly (incinerated) or if it would somehow end up in the local community.

In this video you can really see why the doctors get so hot in the suits because it seals you up completely, a full shell. The video description is resistant to splashes and punctures. Another crazy thing about the suit is that it took almost 15 minutes for someone who was very well versed with putting it on. Furthermore an assistant was needed to don the suit properly. If you watch the next video in queue, you see the process for taking the PPE's off which is just as complex with a medical assistant spraying him with saline solution.

Is this process safe enough? Are the medical assistants at risk for getting infected? Is this the most cost-effective approach? Dr. Bucks brought up the idea of other more technology that takes less time and allows the doctors to see more patients.

Here's the link to the nytimes page if you're having trouble with the embedded video:

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